Saturday, 1 March 2014

Ball and Basket

This is a drilling game. I.e. a game in which the students are repeating the new vocabulary as a class, now and then taking a break between drills to do an exciting activity. Ball and Basket is an example of what that ‘exciting activity’ can be.

Two balls (preferably basketballs) are placed in the basket/box, which is put about a metre in front of the whiteboard, as shown in the diagram. One ball belongs to team A, the other belongs to team B. A line is drawn on the floor at the other end of the classroom (again shown in the diagram).


                                TA                                                           TB
#1s                                                           #1s
#2s                                                           #2s
#3s                                                           #3s
#4s                                                           #4s
#5s           __________________                 #5s
#6s                                                           #6s

The teacher calls on “[#1]” students (i.e. the student from each team who has been allocated the number [1]) to compete in taking their ball, bouncing it along the classroom floor, then when they get to the line they can take a shot at getting their ball into the basket/box (with a well guided throw). If their ball misses the basket/box, they must try again; bouncing the ball along the classroom floor, turning around when they get to the line and throwing once more. If the ball lands in the basket/box, they return to their seat – the first student to do this is the winner and is awarded points for their team.

After this you go back to drilling the flashcards and after another half minute or so you repeat the game, this time calling on a different pair of students, e.g. [#3] students.

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